Icelandic sheepskins

Genetically speaking, the Icelandic sheep today are equal to the sheep that the Vikings brought to Iceland in 874. This makes it the purest sheep breed in the world. It is now illegal to import sheep in Iceland. This way the purity of the variety is guaranteed.

The skins of the Icelandic sheep are smoothly tanned and available in many natural colours. The skin is wonderfully soft and depending on whether they are shaved, the hair can be 20 cm long.

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  • Sheepskin brush
    Sheepskin brush
    € 9,95
  • Black cushion Icelandic sheepskin
    Black cushion Icelandic sheepskin
    € 29,95
  • Brown cushion Icelandic sheepskin
    Brown cushion Icelandic sheepskin
    € 29,95
  • Grey cushion Icelandic sheepskin
    Grey cushion Icelandic sheepskin
    € 29,95
  • White cushion Icelandic sheepskin
    White cushion Icelandic sheepskin
    € 29,95
  • -17%

    SALE: White Icelandic lambskin
    SALE: White Icelandic lambskin
    € 60,00 € 50,00
  • Black Icelandic sheep rug (Quattro) 205 x 125
    Black Icelandic sheep rug (Quattro) 205 x 125
    € 320,00
  • Black Icelandic sheep rug (Quattro) 210 x 130
    Black Icelandic sheep rug (Quattro) 210 x 130
    € 320,00
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