Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No question is stupid! However, some questions are asked more often than others. That's why all frequently asked questions are listed here! Every now and then new questions and answers are added.

  • What do you mean by 'authentic skins' and by 'respect for nature'?

    • There are several reasons for this! I mention all 5 extensively on this page!
  • Why is the showroom open by appointment?

  • My sheepskin is dirty, may I wash it?

    • The short answer: No, you can't put an ecological/natural tanned coat in the washing machine. For an extended version, I have a whole page dedicated to maintanance! A tip I can give you in advance: with this brush you can keep your sheepskin in top condition!
  • Do you have special prices if I want to make a large order?

    • For companies (business to business - B2B) that want to buy larger numbers of skins (>10) at the same time, Joop can in many cases agree on a wholesale price with you. Look at our B2B page for more information.
  • Do the skins lose hair/fur?

    • Because Heartline only works with a-quality skins, there is a very small chance that your skin will shed a lot of hair. The skins are tanned thickly so that the hair follicles are not cut away with the leather. This way they stay in place much better. The ecological tanning also contributes to this! 
    • Attention: A reindeer skin can shed hair! This has to do with the fact that these animals have hollow hairs to better protect themselves against the cold. Compared to other suppliers, Heartline does have good, thick quality reindeer skins, which reduces hair loss. 
  • Why do you charge shipping costs? Isn't that old-fashioned?

    • Heartline is (fortunately!) not a big company and unfortunately it is not possible to ship orders for free without artificially increasing the price for the customers who buy the skins in the showroom! In this way, everyone gets a unique product for a fair price, packed with personal attention and brought to the post office especially for you!

  • I want to order an item, but my country isn't listed

    • Since the shipping costs to some countries depend on the weight and size of the product, it is necessary to calculate the shipping costs manually. To place your order: send a message through the contact form and Joop will give you a calculation of the total price, including shipping costs.
  • I have a special wish / am looking for something I can't find anywhere

    • Joop has built up a reliable network of professionals and connoisseurs around him over the past 20 years. You can always call or message Joop to ask if he can trace exactly that one skin for you, or to keep his eyes open for a specific skull. Also if you are looking for a certain colour or size of sheepskin that fits exactly in your interior, Joop can have it made to measure. Note: not everything is possible of course. Even Joop is bound by the laws of nature and cannot find a unicorn for you ;)
  • My favourite cow died. Do you also take on tanning jobs?

    • No, unfortunately I don't have the possibility of tanning hides myself. I also know from experience that most tanneries often don't take on individual tanning orders.

  • My address / zip code isn't accepted in the check out page

    • Please make sure you selected the correct country in Step 1 (shopping cart page)

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