Why is Heartline different?


1.  Unique products are photographed individually

Because skins, leather, parchment, horns and antlers are all natural products, they exhibit a natural variation in colour and shape. Joop photographs each skin individually, so you can be sure that you will get the skin you have ordered in our webshop.

2.  Large showroom with all our products

Unlike some other retailers, Heartline has a large showroom where all products can be admired in their true beauty. No shady warehouse without a clear visiting address, but we're open and honest about our location. You can always come and take a look in the showroom in Annen (Drenthe). The showroom is open by appointment; just give Joop a call, email or app and you are welcome to drop in for a visit. 

3.  European top-quality

Our products originate as close from home as possible, which is an advantage compared to products coming from Asia or South America, for example.

European qualityNon-European quality
Less environmental impact from transportExtra impact on the environment due to long distances 
Animal welfare is protected by regulationsAnimal welfare not protected/guaranteed
Fair working conditions and wages Low wages and poor working conditions
Ecological tanning of fursOften tanned with chrome/heavy metals


4.  Sent in a recycled box

Joop collects boxes from local businesses that would otherwise end up in the paper recycling. Win-win for everyone!

  • Local entrepreneurs do not have overflowing paper containers
  • No intervention of a processing facility 
  • No additional transport and production costs of new boxes
  • Every time it's a surprise in which box your skin will arrive.

5.  Personal service with 20 years' experience

Joop is not a one-hit wonder, but has more than 20 years of experience in building up a reliable network, hand-picking the most beautiful skins and providing customised solutions for special requests. He can always give a personal and appropriate advice on your wishes and questions.

In recent years, several competitors of Heartline have jumped into the market, often with little knowledge of the products. Many times they copy the art of Heartline and reproduce texts from our website. They often buy sheepskins in large numbers and try to resell them at knock-down prices. In spite of these price busters, Joop has remained stable and honest about his products all these years, applies fair prices and has kept his head cool for 20 years.

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