Goat parchment

Parchment or 'rawhide' of the goat is strong and relatively supple.

Parchment (also known as rawhide) is dried skin, stripped of hair. It is easy to work on when wet and it shrinks again when dry. It is used for drums, lampshades, whips, lasso's or as bones for dogs. It is more durable than normal leather, but on the other hand it is more sensitive to moisture.

Do you want to know how many drum rings you can get out of a specific piece of parchment? Send Joop a message, or call him at +31(0)6 542 44 841!

Why Heartline parchment?

  1. Dutch and German quality* so you can be sure of good working conditions, unlike parchment from developing countries. (*Reindeer parchment comes from Lapland) 
  2. The parchment has been prepared as ecologically as possible
  3. Directly usable for various purposes, such as drums. No need to be processed first. 
  4. More then 15 years experience in finding the best quality parchment. No one-day fly!
  5. Free and personal advice before or after your purchase. Broad knowledge from a lot of experience!

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